Membership to the Society brings a number of benefits:

Regular Meetings in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide – these are great opportunities to hear informative presentations and see various pieces of silver brought in by other members.

Bi-monthly Newsletters – throughout the year the Society publishes six Newsletters for its members in the months of February, April, June, August, October and December. These Newsletters include reports of recent meetings, articles of interest as submitted by members and other general information relating to silver and are sent by post as a printed copy or by email.

Access to Research Materials – each member of the Society is able to borrow books and other resource material held by the Society. This reference material could include copies of past Newsletters, research papers and presentations made to the Society where available. Within the Society there are a number of experts in a range of silver areas who are often more than willing to share some of their knowledge if contacted.

Access to members-only trips – from time to time trips are organised to various locations around Australia. These well-attended trips include behind the scenes access to Museums and private collections, as well as seeing a number of places of historical interest.

The Society invites those who are interested in joining the Society to contact the Secretary via the contact page.

Current members of the Society are welcome to bring potential new members to its meetings. Please advise the Secretary in advance.